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Rx_ 03-25-2015 06:47 AM

.NET language Walkthrough (training) for MS Office 2013
Does anyone have good suggested sites or training for converting VBA into .NET - with an empasis on MS Office (Excel as the primary target)?

MS Office (including Access) uses VBA.
For Office Automation, the VBA in MS Access for example can be used to create a highly custom Excel workbook, worksheet completely from code.

My plan is to set up a self-training plan for learning VB.Net specifically to automate Excel. Thought I would share a few sites.

If anyone has other suggestions, including paid software, to accomplish this, please contribute ideas.

The older .net / office had different libraries. Take the older versions into context that some of the changes from older .net / office versions may not work as they use to.

Getting Started:
Microsoft Walk-through - step by step with testing at milestones

Excel Release Check List - for .NET language

How to Reference a C# or VB.NET DLL from MSAccess
Other related articles discuss how to create the DLL for Access

A beginner's guide to calling .NET library from MSAccess

C# Excel Tutorial
VB.NET Excel Tutorial - notice not as common now as C#

Older Ken Getz articles - must read for anyone changing VBA to C# or VB.NET Ken Getz was well known in the Access Development. While these articles are older, it might help someone prepare for the conversion task.

50 pages Excel 2003 Object Model Programming using .NET by Ken Getz

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