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Uncle Gizmo 11-28-2015 06:45 AM

Word Press...
I'm setting up a website in WordPress, and I need some advice. Is there a good forum anyone could recommend?

Cheers Těny...

plog 11-28-2015 08:13 AM

Re: Word Press...
I started to make fun of Gizmo by getting an link:

But then I actually checked where it went and the first link is an ad, paid for by that goes to this url:‎

Which you'd think is the right url, but its not. When you go to it, it redirects to the plug-in directory and not the forum. The forum is actually the first non-sponsored link:

So, Wordpress is paying money to direct people to the wrong url.

Oh, and Gizmo--the answer is the Wordpress Forum. (

Uncle Gizmo 11-28-2015 02:25 PM

I like your thinking! A man after my own heart.

It wouldn't let me sign in yesterday, but it did today, it kept asking for a website? But didn't ask for one today. Confused....

I don't like the search results via Google on the WordPress site, but I'm experimenting with it.

Rx_ 02-12-2016 07:32 AM

Re: Word Press...
You are rich in proportion to the number of things you can let alone.
-- Henry David Thoreau

Any update on Word Press would be appreciated.
I started to look at it and had problems with the wizard they provide. However, the sheer number of sites that use Word Press indicate that I should learn more about it.
The plan is to finish my Microsoft Bizspark application. Bizspark requires a company web page. Hoped to find a simple editing tool to create a very basic page for this requirement.

mynamebilalzahid 03-10-2016 08:42 PM

Re: Word Press...
I am sorry but i don't understand what are you asking for ? otherwise my answer is, "you can use itself wordpress community". That will be the best choice for you!

Good Luck !

stopher 03-11-2016 12:30 AM

Re: Word Press...
Responding to earlier posts and based on my limited experience...

For anyone new to WP, there are two fundamental ways to go and this confused the hell out of me to start with - Self hosted or hosted. See here for the difference. Also here for a different view. Essentially, if you just want to get a WP site up quick then go with (dead easy) but if you want more personal approach go with (easy once you have a domain ready to go).

If you want to give WP a try, then just sign up for free at and you'll have a blog set up in a very short time. My friend did their round the world trip on this, blogging as they went along and it was great (all free!).

For self hosting ( you'll need to either host on your own server or have a 3rd party service. If you go your own then you'll need to install mySQL and PHP. I had 3rd party hosting who already had mySQL and PHP also had an installation routine for WP so getting WP up and running on my hosted domain was very quick and could blog as soon as the install was complete. The WP part is free either way (at least it was for me).

Once running you can blog away with no extra effort. With self hosted you can tailor with different pre-made styles or create your own. Also there are many pluggins for extra functionality.

Rx_ 03-11-2016 06:52 AM

Re: Word Press...
Thanks so much for that review and the links!
I found out that my county library system offers a free self paced college course on WordPress that includes remote access "human" support.
I it evidently fairly popular. I have to show up in person to get a library card.
Going to do that over Easter weekend.

The idea that it can use MySQL plus SQL Server is being released for LINUX might be interesting now.

robert_mann 12-22-2016 11:05 AM

Re: Word Press...
Google is the best teacher in my view. And why looking for other forums. WordPress has its own forum. I am not going to give a link but easily you can find it by yourself.

Uncle Gizmo 12-22-2016 06:15 PM

Re: Word Press...

Originally Posted by robert_mann (Post 1515575)
Google is the best teacher in my view. And why looking for other forums. WordPress has its own forum. I am not going to give a link but easily you can find it by yourself.

You need to read the thread Robert, the link was already posted....


Originally Posted by plog (Post 1463580)

Oh, and Gizmo--the answer is the Wordpress Forum. (

Uncle Gizmo 05-12-2017 01:31 AM

Re: Word Press...
Update on WordPress!!! I must say I struggle a bit with WordPress. On the face of it it's very easy! I have set up several free themes and got some stuff posted but it never had that polished look. Now don't get me wrong I'm not looking for a sparkly wonderful looking website. In fact I am very very happy with the simple Google hosted website I've got. However I want landing pages, and to be able to use easy digital downloads to sell my products. I signed up for Thrive Themes which was quite expensive. I purchased thrive themes because of its Apprentice feature. Apprentice allows you to add instructional videos, however I just couldn't get on with this. It was an awkward interface, took me a lot of time and trouble and I didn't really get it working anyway. I must say I think this was partly due to my inexperience.

Basically I'm looking for something simpler. The year membership with thrive themes is nearly up and I still haven't done my website! So I am deciding whether to stick with thrive themes or to go with something else. I watched a fascinating and informative you tube video by Hogan Chua where he gave an excellent review of Themify Ultra. I was also able to install themify Ultra along with a setup file provided by Hogan. I'm waiting for Themify Ultra to respond to a couple of questions I have about their product. I'm particularly concerned that I don't want to buy a theme and then discover I have to fork out for loads of other updates/addons to get the functionality I require.

I produce sets of instructional YouTube videos for MS Access. Therefore I need to display several videos one below the other on a page, along with some text preferably to the right hand side, or if this is not possible because of the themes ability to resize itself, (for mobile) then underneath. I have tried this with other WordPress websites, putting the video and the text in a two column table this seems to work however Tables affects the fluid resizing for displaying on smaller screens (I Think). I also want to add loads of links referencing other videos and pages within the site. For example if I mention in a video that the user needs to edit a combobox, then I want to direct them to a video which explains combobox editing.

In essence I'm finding what appears to be a simple product is providing me with a very steep learning curve! I think there are two fundamental issues WordPress caters for everyone and everything so there is a multitude of stuff out there. That makes it difficult to find the really good stuff that is appropriate to your needs. It's been established for several years probably a decade I reckon (without referring to Google) and a bit like MS Access really it's grown from something original and had to be designed in a way to cater for everything as it evolved. If you're not aware of this evolution and the impact, then it just makes it seem a bit odd.

Rx_ 05-12-2017 01:24 PM

Re: Word Press...
thanks for the update, I said I would get to this later.
I found the same problem. The basic stuff was easy. But, in the end, it is all web server access with a lot of refreshes and so many exceptions to the language as things progress in complexity.

Then, there was CoffeeCup.
CoffeeCup like MSAccess runs on your local desktop.
Set up the hosting on CoffeeCup service and it all behaves like a Linked Table.
The What You See Is What You Get for Adaptive web pages is instant.

After buying the suite, was able to take several volunteer organizations that I serve on and update them. Look at this one on your Phone, on your phone sideways, on your Tablet, on your desktop with different resolutions.
It is all Adaptive.

The new version 2 that just came out is really nice!
While learning over Christmas to New Years Day, one of my files became corrupted. (the old version 1).
The only holiday the CoffeeCup team takes is that week. But, they left one guy there for emergencies. We sent a issue to them Christmas Eve. We got three interactive responses including a corrupted file rebuild well past midnight. The same for newbie questions over the break including New Year's Eve. No doubt in my mind... Best Support Team Ever award goes here.

I am sold. This product will make someone productive fast.
Oh, and it has the award for downloading any old website and upgrading it to CoffeeCup. It is like taking an old Word Perfect and converting it to Word.

Anyway, that is what i ended up with after spending many hours on WP. WP is OK, I just don't want to make a career of it. :D

Uncle Gizmo 06-09-2017 08:08 AM

Re: Word Press...

Originally Posted by Rx_ (Post 1532228)
Then, there was CoffeeCup.

I had a very quick look at "CoffeeCup" so any comment I make is really unfair. I just didn't take to it really, that's all I can say.

I have had some success and some failures with WordPress I will report in more detail shortly.

A brief summary for now. I didn't take to Themify, even though there was a nice video!

I found a brilliant simple tool called "Elementor" that allows me to add videos in exactly the format I want. It's basic form is free and does everything I want. I will be buying the premium package because I that's the thing to do when you find something that's just right as it were..

The main thing I want is to manage customer interaction. I have looked at MailChimp, eWeber and numerous others. I decided that I want to use Mautic... thereby lays a tale, which shall be told...

fusiondesigner 06-14-2017 10:39 AM

Re: Word Press...
Wordpress is the most popular CMS. Also try less messing about.

HiTechCoach 06-17-2017 06:44 AM

Re: Word Press...

Originally Posted by fusiondesigner (Post 1535499)
Wordpress is the most popular CMS. Also try less messing about.

If by "popular" you mean most installed then I agree. If by popular you mean people like it, then not so much.

Albert Dicosta 09-07-2018 01:05 AM

Re: Word Press...
Try to use wordpress light themes and less plugins. Othewise, site taking more loading time.

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