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Re: Getting image in Excel header to center/fit as background letterhead

Originally Posted by CJ_London View Post
not sure which version of excel you are using or whether this will work for you, but for more recent versions go to page Layout>Print titles>Header/footer. There is an option for different first page
Ah, I forgot to say -- it's Excel 2010. Yes, I do have those features, but though I did have hope for the check-boxes for "Scale with Document" and "Align with Page Margins," I tried those in every combination of on and off, and none of them re-aligned the background. I just tried making the background picture 9 x 12 inches, i.e. larger than the 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper size chosen, and that didn't shift it over either.

On the plus side, I've realized that it seems a bit of a fluke. None of these fee schedules I've worked with in the months I've been here has had a background, either realized or intended. So maybe it got put in there by mistake, with the user thinking it was just like Word. I hope it won't come up again until I've sorted it.

Thanks for your help! It gave me a few more things to try at least.

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