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Re: Viewing RAW files in Access - codec ?

Originally Posted by theseus View Post
How many slides are you converting to put in your database? I have a 70D and don't use RAW often, because the size of the file is so large (24-25 MB). My concern is that with storing a RAW image and possibly a smaller JPG, you will have a massive database.

Just out of curiosity, why aren't you using a program like Lightroom or Bridge to manage your images?
Probably a couple of thousand 35 mm slides altogether. I will not be storing any images within the Access db, but on an external drive, so a TB drive or bigger should be fine. I will only convert to jpg if and when I need to (many of them are of little interest and/or poor quality), but I want to tag them all and of course that cannot be done within the RAW file.

As to using Lightroom or Bridge, a) that costs money but mainly b) I'd like to exercise and extend my Access knowledge.
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