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Re: optimizing DB w/ access front end & MySQL backend

Originally Posted by CJ_London View Post
Ensure all queries use the sql server language, try to avoid using vba functions such as iif, dlookup, UDF's etc.

They can be a killer over ODBC because although the driver will make a good job of converting access sql to the host equivalent, anything that uses vba functions will need all relevant data 'passed back' for vba to evaluate.

If you have to use them, ensure the query is constructed in a way that the volume of data that vba needs to work on is minimised.
so this is a good point, i've started going through some of my queries and i have a few subforms based on queries with several IIF's and DLookup fields in them.

for example, here is one query that a subform is tied to, there are a series of checkboxes on the main form that are used to filter out the data based on the checkbox selection(s). I'd like to move this query to vba and have it generated then passed to the back end but im not sure the best method for doing that.

here is the SQL currently

SELECT presscalllog.PCL_ToolNumber, presscalllog.PCL_Date, presscalllog.PCL_Description, presscalllog.PCL_Employee, presscalllog.PCL_Operator, presscalllog.PCL_Category, presscalllog.PCL_Yank, presscalllog.[PCL_At Setup], presscalllog.PCL_Missfeed, presscalllog.PCL_DetailsReplaced, presscalllog.PCL_DetailsSharpened, presscalllog.PCL_MaterialThickness, presscalllog.[PCL_JOB#]
FROM presscalllog
WHERE (((presscalllog.PCL_ToolNumber)=[Forms]![Toolbook]![txtTM_ToolNumber]) AND ((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckSlugPulling],"Slug Pulling"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckWear],"Wear"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckMaterialBad],"Material Bad"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckMaterialVariation],"Material Variation"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckWorkInstructions],"Work Instructions"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckPressEquipment],"Press Equipment"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckOperator],"Operator"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckToolAndDie],"Tool & Die"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckChangeOver],"Change Over"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckSensorRelated],"Sensor Related"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckUnknownOther],"Other"))) OR (((presscalllog.PCL_Category)=IIf([Forms]![Toolbook]![ckDieTryOut],"Die Try Out")))
ORDER BY presscalllog.PCL_Date DESC;
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