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Re: NASA Study Indicates Antarctica is Gaining More Ice Than It's Losing -

I can appreciate the attitude that the "jury is still out" on the question of climate change, and pretty much any other question. What, after all, is CERTAIN? Almost nothing. If I stated that butterflies were a contributing cause of hurricanes, could you PROVE it untrue beyond any doubt?

We exist in the universe - that much we can state.
After that, it's a matter of informing one's self the best one can, and then forming beliefs and opinions based on our reason, logic, and - perhaps unfortunately, our biases. It's extremely rare that ALL the evidence points straight to an inescapable conclusion. Most of the world's climate scientists are in agreement - that climate change is real and it's caused or at least augmented by human activity. Those that oppose this view most vigorously seem to be those who would most be inconvenienced (for lack of a better word) by the efforts to mitigate it - for example, those who have an investment in heavy industry.

None of us here - and perhaps anywhere, have definite knowledge what's causing average global temperatures to be on the rise - if in fact they are. You can say they're NOT on the rise and produce some links to support your claim. Others will counter with their own evidence. Donald Trump can say he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating the collapse of the WTC with his own eyes and no matter how much this has been disputed, he can and will continue to say he saw them and it's near impossible to absolutely prove he's a liar. Some people will believe him, and others will not. We - alone on this planet, posses the ability to reason, think, and imagine - and to put together disparate pieces of knowledge and evidence and arrive at a likely (but not certain) grasp of what is actually going on.

Invariably, people embrace the beliefs that are in their individual best interests - and they reject the beliefs that are contrary to them. They prefer the evidence that supports what they've already decided, rather than accepting contrary evidence and having to reevaluate their entire belief systems.

You look around you and you hear stuff and see stuff, and read stuff and discuss stuff and you form your beliefs - but don't expect to see THE ANSWERS written in the sky in God's hand.
"I'm no Einstein."
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