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Life After Access

Hi all,

Hope this is the right place to put this.

For 20 years I have developed a pretty good database system for looking after pretty much every aspect of the 1200 events we put on as a charity (arts alive and flicks in the sticks).

We have an SQL sever (online), and an Access front end, with all the forms i have created with all sorts of bells and buttons, for every function we need.


last year we moved the SQL server online and since then despite some clever peoples attempts the data access is way too slow - probably due to my clumsy programming - it was fast when it was based in the office.

But really the database needs quite a lot of attention, and if I am not around anymore who would be able to pick up where i left off? I don't want to leave the charity in the lurch.

So, to my question, does anyone have any tips as to where i should start looking for a different software solution? so i can build a different front end, so that is can be accessed by remote workers (me on a tropical island one day).

Any thoughts random or not appreciated.



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