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Re: Life After Access

Looking for what? You listed 2 unrelated issues and finished with an unrelated thought proposed as a solution.

Yous started off with a speed issue. For that, start googling and learning your system configuration and how to fine tune it.

Then you went into a continuation of support issue. For this, you need to tell the organization and see what they have to say and what resources they are willing to allocate and what risks they want to assume.

You finished with thoughts about building forms to connect remotely. This wasn't phrased as an issue or even a solution to an issue. I don't know how this fits in.

I would open up a document and start listing issues, potential issues, concerns, etc. Organize your thoughts on each, write potential solutions, thoroughly review and revise it. Then take it to head of the organization to see what they think on all the matters.
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