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Re: Get value of Link Master Field

Originally Posted by Uncle Gizmo View Post
So why not the values of Custom Properties?
I stated why not (The property value isn't assigned until execution returns to form1...) which simply means your attempt is late, but I guess SomeSmurf stated it more clearly. However, OpenArgs IS a property of a form. Its value is passed to the opening form without having to write a custom property for the same purpose.
I suspect it's deliberate , (or possibly a mistake!) In one way it makes a lot of sense, if you are using custom properties m, then you are taking control of the situation, and adding your own function to apply the custom properties is just another step up in this control you are exercising. In other words, you're not relying on the built-in functionality of the form ...
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Sorry, I don't buy into that at all, or your prior statements about "abusing" OpenArgs or it being less clear or somehow not being able to separate the values. We just have different opinions on the matter, I guess.

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