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Re: Changing images on a Continuous Form

Originally Posted by MickJav View Post
I do this a lot

If Not IsNull(Me![Picture]) Then
Me.Imgage1.Picture = Me![FoldersLoc] & Me![Picture]
Me![CmdRemove1].Enabled = True
End If

Imgage1 has its picture type set to linked
Me![FoldersLoc] is the loaction of my main storage folders
Me![Picture] is the field in the table holding its name only
Me![FoldersLoc] & Me![Picture] these can be one but if you move the folder you will have to update all linked pictures

If your only going to have a few you could create a table with there names and link then use a combo to select happy, sad Etc
Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I am relatively new to all this...

What does the CmdRemove1 refer too? I have tried running this code in the on load of the continuous form and disabled the line referencing the CmdRemove, the image appears that the first record refers too, however this image is then the same for each result regardless of whether the field says angry, sad, neutral etc.

Appreciate your help.

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