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Re: Top 10 Pivot Table

Originally Posted by AlyKatVandy View Post
Greetings! I work in a call center and am responsible for reporting on certain phone data. I have a separate pivot table with each agent, how many times they went into a specific phone state and how long they were in that state. I am trying to create a second table next to the first with the top 10 agents for the count of that state and the top 10 agents for the duration of being in that state. I am having trouble figuring out how to narrow the data down to the top 10. Any tips?
Did you find a solution? I see Uncle Gizmo gave you some good links but those all seem to be MS Access solutions. If you have Microsoft Access as part of your Office suite, that's probably going to work best for you over time. You can set up your report options, and all you'd have to do is import your day's/week's data and run the report.

In Excel, it may depend on what version you have. At work I have Excel 2010. I made a basic pivot table, then clicked on the dropdown next to the "Row Labels" header, and look under the "Value Filters" option. Top 10 is the default, but it can be amended to Top/Bottom, and the n-value changed to 5, etc.
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