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Re: Orlando Shootings

I have changed my mind on gun control over the last 6 months. My previous mind was of the "guns don't kill...people do". But I can't ignore all of the innocent people being killed by semi-automatic guns. Nothing changes and more people die. I don't believe ALL guns should be illegal, but I don't see a need for civilians to have semi-automatic guns, hand grenades, surface-to-air missiles, armed fighter jets, fully armed apache helicopters, C4 explosives, land mines. Only one of these is still legal to own as a civilian and only one of these is being used in mass murder.

Every time I hear a pro-gun advocate slam someone who calls for common sense gun control without giving a thoughtful respectful response...I move a little coser to the "ban all guns" side. I know there are pro-gun advocates that are intelligent and respectful, but they are not being represented well with the memes and rhetoric that is being spread around. I listen to an articulate speech given by someone who wants gun control, and the response from pro-gun advocates is not a response to what they said, but rather a response to what the person looks like or their age or something else that has nothing to do with the content of the speech. The smart pro-gun advocates need to step up and take control of the message or they are going to lose even more supporters (like me).
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