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Re: WiFi repeater

Originally Posted by Gasman View Post
Wifi routers are handy if you have a big house.
Not sure what they are talking about 'splitting the channels'
The channel of the wifi/? AFAIWA you only use one channel.?

Here in the UK we have mains adapters that transmist the ethernet through the mains wiring, then you just use another wifi router or switch at the other end.

I would always use wired over wifi unless I have no choice.

Before the ethernet mains adapters, I used to have a router upstairs wirelessly bridged to a router downstairs for the same effect.

No matter how you connect, it all goes out via the same modem/router.?

Eg My ISP supplied modem router would not allow voip, so I have my own router that is connected to theirs, but theirs just acts a an old fashioned modem by being in modem mode. All the networking is done by my router.

That way I still get voip.

So I would take the 'combining channels' with a pinch of salt.?
Thanks for answering. My Verizon MiFi sits 18 inches from my computer and no other room has a computer.

any other comments appreciated

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