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Crosstab Query Column Headings

I have a crosstab query with 6 row heading fields and then the field [FTE_DATE_YM] as the column heading and the field [Hours] as value which is a sum. The FTE_DATE_YM field is a series of 12 months in this format 200801, 200802, 200803 etc. The query works fine.

The issue I am having is I want the column heading to be consistent no matter the month date so I set query properties column heading to this: "Month 1","Month 2","Month 3","Month 4","Month 5","Month 6","Month 7","Month 8","Month 9","Month 10","Month 11","Month 12"

When I do this the column heading appear as I want but then the [Hours] value field which is a sum no longer shows any numbers. I do have a Total of Hours row field which does show the correct total of hours for the months but the individual months have no values.

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