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Re: Crosstab Query Column Headings

So I am still a little confused on the Iff statement in the Column Heading property. I know where the statement should go but can you help me understand how to write it.

So in the [FTE_DATE_YM] field the regular data will show column headings as such: 200806, 200807, 200808, 200809, 200810, 200811, 200812, 200901, 200902, 20003, 200904, 200905. It will always show 12 months based on the current date minus 6 months and plus 6 months so the [FTE_DATE_YM] column heading will vary everytime I run the query.

What I want to see is consistent column heading "Month 1","Month 2","Month 3","Month 4","Month 5","Month 6","Month 7","Month 8","Month 9","Month 10","Month 11","Month 12" regardless of the months represented since they will always be changing. So in this example 200806 would be Month 1 and 200807 would be Month 2 and so on...

So how do I write this Iff statement knowing [FTE_DATE_YM] will be dynamic and always changing but need to match the Month # format and allow my Hours field to show the sums.

Thank you for all the quick responses thus far I am excited to find a solution here.
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