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Access to Excel?

Hi, So I am trying to help add values to one database from another database. The origin of the data will come from a couple of tables on access and I am trying to input this information into an excel spreadsheet. However, the access data needs to be filtered before I transfer it to the spreadsheet. I am new to coding so I wanted to know if it was possible to filter the information with coding and then have this data inserted into excel? For example, I am trying to take a percentage from a couple of fields and divide this value by another field to get a percentage. So far I have this:
SELECT ((sum_quantity3+sum_quantity4)/(sum_total))*100
FROM ([tables]![bridge])
WHERE ([tables]![info]![Region]=1)
However, I am an amateur at coding so this may be entirely incorrect? Does it look like this would help me achieve what I am trying to do?

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