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Re: displaying data from an xml file on a form

first read the file content to a variable string.
then find the tag <raw_text> save its position on the string.
next find </raw_text>, save it's position on the string.
then using mid() function extract the string within.
split the string you extracted and put it to your
Dim objFSO As Object 		'Scripting.FileSystemObject
Dim objText As As Object 	'Scripting.TextStream
Dim strContent As String
Dim Pos1 As Integer
Dim Pos2 As Integer
Dim var As Variant

Set ObjFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objText = objFSO.OpenTextFile("D:\theXMLFileHere.xml", ForReading)
strContent = objText.ReadAll()
Pos1=Instr(1, strContent, "<raw_text>")
If Pos1 <> 0 Then
	Pos1=Pos1 + Len("<raw_text>")
	Pos2 = Instr(Pos1, strContent, "</raw_text>")
	If Pos2 <> 0 Then
		strContent = Mid(strContent, Pos1, Pos2 - Pos1)
		While Instr(strContent, "  ")
			strContent = Replace(strContent, "  ", " ")
		var = Split(strContent, " ")
		[YourTextbox1] = var(0)
		[YourTextbox2] = var(1)
		[YourTextbox3] = var(3)
	End If
End If
Set ObjText=Nothing
Set ObjFSO = Nothing
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