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Re: Remote Access to Database

If you're talking about a situation where each remote user actually has a workstation at the home base on the LAN, and they are using VPN to connect to their local machine and run the application from there, that may be doable. However..

Today we were able to successfully connect to the BE using VPN
it sounds like you are trying to run the front end on the remote device and connect to a Access (Jet/Ace) back end via VPN. This is a recipe for disaster. You will almost certainly end up with corruption in this scenario. Access is simply not designed to operate over WAN or internet. MSoft made a poorly implemented attempt at Access web apps in recent years, but that was more or less a failure and has been scrapped. Terminal services (i.e. Citrix, etc.) is an option, but again, that is where the remote user logs into a profile on the server and the app is run from there.

You could also try using a different database (SQL Server, MySQL and the like) and use an Access front end with unbound forms, etc. but then you are losing all the advantages of using Access to begin with (rad, bound forms...)
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