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Re: How to respond to advice given in forums

To expand a bit on Colin's post:

Special note for students:
If your question is for an assignment, please be very clear that it IS a school assignment. The type of answer you will receive will be different than a reply to an experienced programmer.

To illustrate, if an experienced programmer asks “How do I get the most recent transaction” the response may be a very terse DLookup( PK_ID, Table, “Dt_Trx = “ & DMAX( Dt_Trx, Table, <OPTIONAL CUST_ID = Customer>) or look HERE:

For a student, the answer may be more along the lines of
To find the most recent transaction, make sure you have a DATE field that you are storing your transaction DATE in. If you use something other than a DATE field, Access will not be happy with you and may not sort properly.

Make sure you are filling in the DATE and an easy way to do so is by using a default value of NOW() in the tables definition.

Once you’ve made sure you have valid dates for your transaction you can use the DMAX function to determine what the most recent DATE is. You would save this and use it with DLookup to get the most recent transaction.
While we will be less likely to give a student the “Answer”, we will try to educate not only how to do something by also explain WHY it is done this way.

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