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Question A Very Odd Querying Problem

I don't quite know the proper terms as I've only been using access for the past month or so. I will try to explain what I'm doing in the best way possible.
I have 4 queries, all of which are based off of, in total, 6 tables. In order to make the structure understandable, I'll try to explain how they're structured. Each of the 4 queries have one exclusive table that they're using and they all share two table. My problem does not have to deal with these per say, but it might help if I explain this part because of what I'm trying to do.
Now I'm trying to make a query that queries my other 4 queries (yes I do understand that is confusing but I'm trying my best to explain it). With these 4 queries they share a similar column name called Part Name, which all share some similar names. To each of these Part Names, there's also another column called Number Needed.
What I'm trying to do is to make a query that can sort through the Part Names and show them without any copies and for the ones that were copies, add the Numbers Needed so it shows the total of any former duplicates in the Part Name.
Sorry if this was kinda confusing, but I really need help ASAP because the order for these parts need to be placed soon. If you can help me please do, and if you have any questions of clarification please ask.
Thank you very much.

ALSO, I know nothing about SQL, so anything concerning it, will not really be understood by me.

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