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Which image formats to use with ribbon buttons?

I'm trying to add my own images to buttons I'm adding to a custom ribbon in Access 2007.

I've done fine adding .jpg or .bmp images, but I would like to utilize transparencies for these images so they'll look pretty.

Although Microsoft's MSDN information says to use .png files, they don't seem to work: I get a "Runtime Error '481' - Invalid Picture" in the OnLoadImage code if I try to use that format.

If I use a .gif in which I've set a particular color as the transparency color, that image opens and displays, but with the so-called transparency color showing.

Do I need to do something differently to use a .png file rather than .jpg? MS recommends it, but it doesn't seem to work.

Is there a better or different image format that I SHOULD be using?

Thanks for the help.

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