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Re: E-cigarettes aka Personal Vaporizers

Originally Posted by MSAccessRookie View Post
A number of the Players in a Public Gaming League that I belong to have started "smoking" a product with the name BLU that sounds similar to what you are describing. One thing that I have found interesting is that despite the laws in my area against smoking indoors, no one has tried to prevent them from "smoking" inside the restaurants and bars where we play. The argument as I understand it, has been that the byproduct of the device is plain water vapor, and that all of the Nicotine goes into the smoker. Even the Menthol flavored ones seem to have no odor.

Not being a smoker myself, I have no personal ideas or opinions on the subject, but I wonder if anyone has determined how much less harmful (if at all) these cigarettes are to the smpker and the people around him/her.
Yes, BLU is a brand of PVs. This isn't smoking, which is why it's not banned indoors. There is no smoke involved. The vapor is exactly the same vapor used in fog machines, which is harmless to humans. There was a study done years ago on the effects of the vapor, they kept monkeys and rats in an environment SATURATED in the chemical for 18 months. After the 18 months, there was no difference detected between them and the control group in similar conditions without the chemical. Of course, inhaling a little vapor throughout the day is a far cry less than being saturated in it, so I think we're relatively safe. Most people who have started using them have reported the ability to breathe again and exercise without as many problems.

There is no tar and no added cancerous chemicals, because it's not smoke! There are health organizations with world-famous doctors ready to fight the FDA if they try to ban them because they don't line the pockets of the cigarette companies that make the government money. Comparison pictures show nothing but moisture in the vapor coming from the person's mouth. After just one day, I am breathing easier.
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