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error reading drive A:
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Re: Need help with INSERT INTO

if the field you are updating is Numeric, you don't enclosed them in quotation mark.
better yet build a function to handle those delimiters for you:
Public Function fnAnySQL(ByVal strSQL As String, ParamArray p() As Variant)
    Dim param As Parameter
    Dim i As Integer
    With CurrentDb.CreateQueryDef("", strSQL)
        For i = 0 To .Parameters.count - 1
            .Parameters(i) = p(i)
        If InStr(strSQL, "SELECT") = 1 And InStr(strSQL, "INTO") = 0 Then
            ' Simple select query and not Create table query
            Set fnAnySQL = .OpenRecordset(dbOpenDynaset)
            ' Action queries
        End If
    End With
End Function
to call it:
call fnAnySQL("INSERT INTO ReuseTestResults(FieldName, DateTested, TotalVol, TotalMass, Mesh8, Mesh10, Mesh12, Mesh14, Mesh16, Mesh20, Mesh30, Mesh40, Mesh50, Mesh60, Mesh70, Mesh100, MeshPan, AppDens, Mesh8Results, Mesh10Results, Mesh12Results, Mesh14Results, Mesh16Results, Mesh20Results, Mesh30Results, Mesh40Results, Mesh50Results, Mesh60Results, Mesh70Results, Mesh100Results, PanResults, [Recovered 8], [Recovered 10], [Recovered 12], [Recovered 14], [Recovered 16], [Recovered 20], [Recovered 30], [Recovered 40], [Recovered 50], [Recovered 60], [Recovered 70], [Recovered 100], [Recovered Pan]) " & _
"VALUES(p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6,p7,p8,p9,p10,p11,p12,p13,p14,p15,p16,p17,p18,p19,p20,p21,p22,p23,p24,p25,p26,p27,p28,p29,p30,p31,p32,p33,p34,p35,p36,p37,p38,p39,p40,p41,p42,p43,p44)", Me.txtFieldname , Me.txtDatetested, Me.txtTotalvol,  e.txtTotalmass, Me.txt8mass , Me.txt10mass, Me.txt12mass, Me.txt14mass, Me.txt16mass,  Me.txt20mass, Me.txt30mass, Me.txt40mass, Me.txt50mass, Metxt60mass , Me.txt70mass, Me.txt100mass, Me.txtPanmass, Me.txtAppdens,  Me.txt8results, Me.txt10results, Me.txt12results, Me.txt14results, Me.txt16results, Me.txt20results, Me.txt30results, Me.txt40results, Me.txt50results, Me.txt60results, Me.txt70results, Me.txt100results, Me.txtPanresults , Me.txt8recovered, Me.txt10recovered, Me.txt12recovered, Me.txt14recovered, Me.txt16recovered, Me.txt20recovered, Me.txt30recovered, Me.txt40recovered, Me.txt50recovered, Me.txt60recovered, Me.txt70recovered, Me.txt100recovered, Me.txtPanrecovered)

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