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Re: Can it be done??

Even though you are determined to do this the wrong way, I'll try and explain myself better and then leave this thread (no promises on the many other threads you will be opening to maintain and get this thing to work).

I guarantee your "dynamic" table is going to be storing values that should be in fields in field and table names. For example:

CharacterID, ElfMagic, ElfPower, ElfHealth
1, 72, 93, 18
2, 66, 41, 38

The correct way to store that data is in a table like so:

CharacterID, TraitType, TraitScore
1, Magic, 72
1, Power, 93
1, Health, 18
2, Magic, 66

That generic table can now hold all values you will ever put it in and doesn't need to be "dynamic" to do so. Again, that's a demonstration of what I am sure you are doing wrong--storing values which should be in the table in table and field names.

Again, what you want to do is possible with a lot of hacks, but its going to be a pain to maintain and extend.
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