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Re: building a database from scratch

Originally Posted by The_Doc_Man View Post
Adrianscotter, you are describing something called "The Peter Principle" which is found in private industry but is MOST commonly found in government: "A person will rise to his own level of incompetence."

The USA Civil Service rules make it darned difficult to dump a schlump but it is relatively easy to sideline someone into a dead-end track. So when you get a mid-level person who is given some duty that requires a manager but is not technically challenging, you know they were about to "screw the pooch" in their former position and got put on the fast track to nowhere. They make a career of being shuffled around from one niche to another, never quite learning enough to overcome their uselessness at that level. Sad, in a way, but not unknown.
It seems the US and the UK are quite similar in this respect. Be safe TDM, Barry looks like hes going to side swipe you.
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