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Re: NASA Study Indicates Antarctica is Gaining More Ice Than It's Losing -

I don't think Humans are causing that much CO2. Here is an example:
Thought a Cambridge University from UK quoted in a government site might be neutral.
But, there are many other sources regarding man made vs Nature emissions.
The natural emissions vs human make nature the larger contributor.
If you have some other source, I would be open to see it.

Now Methane is a significant number that would seem concerning.
I heard a presentation about largest percent of Methane attributed to Rice-Paddy farming methods. And, that it was also a fairly recent invention for mankind.

The total COD Emission is not to be confused with the EPA Chart of just Human caused emissions.
If nature is excluded, then this is the human share broken down.
Of just the human caused: Outside the US, EU, japan, India, and Russia, The overwhelming majority of the total from the other countries.

I would agree the ice comes back thinner over a larger cycle with other cub cycles.
The Great Lakes were frozen just a very few thousand years ago.
During the American Revolution, New York rivers were frozen solid even through summer. In general, the Ice Age is still generally warming.

I attended a very interesting presentation from the USAF (air force). The studies by the PhD in Heliophysics (study of the Sun's atmosphere). The number of new satellites to just monitor the sun is amazing. There seems to be new things discovered ever few months. At the time of the seminar, they didn't feel there was any absolutes regarding the Sun's model on our global environment. My guess is that Russia science is actually more advanced in this regard. Russia is building atomic icebreakers to prepare for the ice.
Seems every few months, we are still learning something new in that regard.

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