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Re: Flat Earth and Hollow Earth Theories

They seem to describe a flame in every direction - creates a sphere of materials drawn to it, creating a shell. A force field of ions or other forces keeping matter at bay.
The proto stars, dwarf stars seem to be more common than thought as detection systems evolve. The last live cycle is called by some a dark dwarf.
In the case of the Earth, a big Iron core - in the middle - someting hot and powerful despite the crushing weight.
While I am not buying it with until maybe more modeling is available.
One of the interesting studies was a English Navy Engineer studying capitulation of propellers. Why would it just chew up big metal propellers? A void or bubble of nothing. Later studies show the collaspe of each void bubble is hotter than the sun.
The research here set up sonic standing waves to create them tens of thousound of times a second. It might be near to proving Cold Fusion. Propeller bubbles to cold fusion. Not expected at least by me.
So, could a type or fragment of a star form some kinds of planet as a shell around the star?
No idea. But, glad people are considering it. I am sure they wouldn't be happy being associated with Hollow Earth.

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