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Re: What's your best/worst joke?

Gracefully backing out of a quick statement:
This is only an example - please substitute your own country, city or region with its associated relationship.

A clerk in New York works at a corner grocery. A lady comes in with a Canadian accent. She tells him she doesn't want to pay for a whole head of lettuce - eh?
She asks the clerk to chop it in half so she can pay for half.
The clerk remarks "what am I going to do with a half-head of lettuce"?
And now the arguments, excuses and reasons banter back and forth.
Finally, the clerk realizes he just wants to get the lady out of there and get back to his task. He is afraid of what he might say next, he is so worked up.
So, he cuts it in half, charges her half. She leaves.

Wound up, the clerk goes back to the open office door to get a glass of water where the owner is working on the books.
The owner looks up and says, I could hear the raised voices back here what was up. The clerk describes the Canadian lady's request, how she just kept badgering and the results. He tells the owner I just was short of telling her what I think about Canadians.
The sympathetic owner owner still working says, Yeah, there are only two groups of people in Canada, those on a hockey team and prostitutes.
The clerk is takes a gasp. My wife of 20 years, the one I bring to your house for New Years the last 15 years is Canadian.
The owner doesn't look up - Wow that is fantastic! What team did she play for?
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