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Re: US "Government Shutdown"

Congress, the Republican Congress, passed a budget bill in December before the Democrats took control. Trump vetoed it. Let's not pretend this shut down was completely in Trump's hands from the beginning.

Trump also continues to state that he will use executive order to declare it as an emergency and fund the wall. He could have done this throughout the entire shut down to end the problem. Why hasn't he?

Trump claims that the new trade deal will fund the wall. Why not put his money where his mouth is? Wait for the money to come in and use it for the wall instead of forcing American tax payers to pay for something that was promises Mexico would pay for? Does he not really believe it?

Both sides are playing political games to get the other to cave at the expense of American workers. Far left and far right fans keep purposely dodging these points. Why aren't more people actually calling them both out for their ridiculousness?
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