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Re: Noobieissues

I looked over your database. Here's my notes:

1. Complete the Relationships tool. This tells us how your tables tie together.

2. Only alphanumeric and underscores in table/field names. You've got a ton of spaces and symbols which you shouldn't use (e.g. #, &, ', /, etc.)

3. Use the right datatype. There's a Yes/No field type, use it instead of text. Use Date/Time for dates, not text.

4. Put fields in the right table. Why is [OWNER OCCUPIED] a field in WATER HEATER/SOFTNER table? Shouldn't that be in Units table?

5. You don't have a Units table. You do have an Owners table, but can't an owner own more than one unit? If so, you need a table specifically for Units.

You should read up on normalization (, that's the process of properly structuring your tables. Read through a few tutorials, then give it a shot on your tables, fix the issues I addressed above and then screenshot your Relationship tool and post it back here so we can check what you came up with.
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