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Recursive method problems

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with my little problem. I have a recursive method that has worked until i started getting Error 3048 - Cannot open anymore databases. I tried to rework the code to use docmd.runSQL but then i have a stack error. I have commented out this code.
I think the error may be because i have set the recordset in my method everytime the method is called. Is there anyway that this can be overcome? How can i see what recordsets are open and need closing? And can this be done outside the recursive query?
This method is called by two different but similar forms - it works for one but not the other. ??
The recursive method is necessary because i am dealing with Bill Of materials and i do not know how many levels to go down without doing this.
I have copied the code below

Thanks in advance


Option Compare Database
Public globalItem As String

Option Explicit

'   Public VAssembly As String, VSubAssembly As String, Vquantity As Integer
'   Public Vu_m As String, Vunits As String, Vleveltotal As Integer
'   Public sql As String

Sub BOMMethod(rst As Recordset, strAssembly As String, Optional Total As Integer)

' delare variables
    Dim tempTable As String
    Dim strCriteria As String
    Dim bk As String
    Dim tempRst As Recordset
    Dim SubTotal As Integer

' Open tblTemp table to store new BOM details

    Set tempRst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("tblTemp", dbOpenDynaset)

strCriteria = BuildCriteria("Assembly", dbText, "'" & strAssembly & "'")

'do not accept a zero as a value

If Total = 0 Then
    Total = 1
ElseIf Total = Null Then
    Total = 1
End If

With rst
' find first record of dataset
    .FindFirst strCriteria
' traverse all records
    Do Until .NoMatch
        ' add record to temp table using recordsets
      ' commented out due to err3048 problems (cannot open more databases)
        With tempRst
                !Assembly = rst![Assembly]
                !SubAssembly = rst![SubAssembly]
                !quantity = rst![quantity]
                !u_m = rst![u_m]
                !units = rst![units]
                !leveltotal = rst![quantity] * Total
        End With

'     '************** using SQL instead of recordset to enter data into temp table  **********
'     ' Stack error problems

'             VAssembly = rst![Assembly]
'             VSubAssembly = rst![SubAssembly]
'             Vquantity = rst![quantity]
'             Vu_m = rst![u_m]
'             Vunits = rst![units]
'             Vleveltotal = rst![quantity] * Total
'             sql = "INSERT INTO tblTemp(Assembly,SubAssembly, quantity,u_m, units,leveltotal)" & _
'             "VALUES (" & "'" & VAssembly & "'," & "'" & VSubAssembly & "' ," & Vquantity & "," & "'" & Vu_m & "'" & "," & "'" & Vunits & "'" & "," & Vleveltotal & ")"
'       'Debug.Print sql
'       DoCmd.SetWarnings False
'       DoCmd.RunSQL sql
'       DoCmd.SetWarnings True
  SubTotal = rst![quantity] * Total
    ' save place in recordset
        bk = rst.Bookmark
    'Loops method to get a subassembly of a subassembly
        BOMMethod rst, rst!SubAssembly, SubTotal
        ' return to last place to continue search
        rst.Bookmark = bk
        ' finds next record
        .FindNext strCriteria
    Loop ' do until .no match
Set tempRst = Nothing

End With ' .rst

End Sub

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I'd try this first...
Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Public globalItem As String
private m_dbs as dao.database

private property get dbs as dao.database
' local exposure for a single, always on reference to CurrentDB
  if m_dbs is nothing then set m_dbs = currentdb
  set dbs = m_dbs
end property
Then I'd replace every reference to "CurrentDB." with "dbs."
Then I'd replace every "DoCmd.RunSQL " with "dbs.execute "

What I think happens in the recursive loop is that every reference to CurrentDB allocates stack space for a new DAO.Database variable, and I suspect this also happens with DoCmd.RunSQL which also must require a Database object to work with. My proposed code allows each unresolved iteration of the recursive loop to reference the same DAO.Database object without having to create a new one (or more) for each loop.
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Recursive method problems

lagbolt, thanks for your prompt reply. I implemented your solution and now i get an error saying i have to many tables open!
I tried runing the method on a different set of data and it worked

So, I deleted all the data from the table and re- imported it. And now it works! (At least for the moment)

Thanks again for your help

Tim W

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