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Count the record source of an open Report

I have a function that will output a report to a specified folder, and what I am trying to do is count the number of records before the report is exported, so if there are 0, I do not want to oputput anything.

Seems easy enough, and I thought I was accounting for this in my code. The problem is that the count of the recordsource is counting the total number of records in the query (which is returning the correct number of 18), and not the count of records in the report.

Here is what I have for code:

Private Sub btnPDF_Click()
'PDF the Cases Report for the department Selected

'Error handling
On Error GoTo Error_Handler

Dim strFormName         As String
Dim myPath              As String
Dim iDepartment         As Integer
Dim sReportName         As String
Dim sDepartment         As String
Dim sRecordSource     As String

'Set references
myPath = "Y:\Budget process information\BUDGET DEPARTMENTS\3. CASES\"
iDepartment = Me.cboDEPARTMENT.Column(0)
sDepartment = Me.cboDEPARTMENT.Column(1)
strFormName = sDepartment & "_" & "Case Report" & Format(Date, "_mmddyy") & ".pdf"
sReportName = "RPT: CASES"

'Open the Cases Report, then count the number of cases
DoCmd.OpenReport sReportName, acViewReport, , "[COST_CENTER] = " & iDepartment
sRecordSource = Reports(sReportName).RecordSource

'Check if there any record to output
If DCount("*", sRecordSource) > 0 Then
    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, sReportName, acFormatPDF, myPath + strFormName, True
    DoCmd.Close acReport, sReportName, acSaveNo
    MsgBox " Your Report Has Successfully Run " & _
           vbCrLf & " You can find it at: " & myPath
    DoCmd.Close acReport, sReportName, acSaveNo
    MsgBox "There are no Cases associated with: " & vbNewLine _
            & sDepartment, vbInformation, "NO CASES"
End If

    Exit Sub

    Select Case Err.Number
        Case 2501
            Resume Error_Handler_Exit
        Case Else
            MsgBox "Error No. " & Err.Number & vbCrLf & "Description: " & Err.Description, vbExclamation, "Database Error"
            Resume Error_Handler_Exit
    End Select

End Sub
What am I missing?
I even changed:
If DCount("*", sRecordSource) > 0 Then
If DCount("*", me.RecordSource) > 0 Then
With no luck

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dcount , reports

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