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Post Function Format Excel Tab Name - remove characters from any string

This function can be used to remove un-wanted characters from any string. Sometime in Excel object model reporting, the user is asked to name the tab.
This function allows the user to type anything, then just removes the characters that could cause a problem.
People can adjust it for just about any purpose.
' Procedure : FormatExcelTabName
' DateTime  : 08/05/2010
' Author    : Rx
' Purpose   : Excel - allow user to enter tab name during custom report in Excel
' Add your own characters to avoid in the Case statement after line 40 - can be used for
'     any type of string entry to remove unwanted characters
' Immediate Window Test:   ? FormatTabName("MySt/r?ing*")                Returns: MyString
Public Function FormatExcelTabName(strExcelTabName As String) As String
          Dim strNewExcelTabName    As String
          Dim intTabLen        As Integer
          Dim intPos           As Integer
10        On Error GoTo PROC_ERROR
20        intTabLen = Len(strExcelTabName)
30        For intPos = 1 To intTabLen
40            Select Case Mid(strExcelTabName, intPos, 1)
                  Case ":", "\", "/", "?", "*", "[", "]"
50                    strNewExcelTabName = strNewExcelTabName & ""
60                Case Else
70                    strNewExcelTabName = strNewExcelTabName & Mid(strExcelTabName, intPos, 1)
80            End Select
90        Next intPos
100       strNewExcelTabName = Trim(strNewExcelTabName)
110       FormatExcelTabName = Trim(Mid(strNewExcelTabName, 1, 31))
120       On Error Resume Next
130       Exit Function
140       Select Case Err.Number
                  'Case ###
              Case Else
150               ' add logging code here (optional)
160               Resume PROC_EXIT
170       End Select
End Function

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