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Forum: Introduce Yourself Today, 01:41 AM
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Posted By Ranman256
Re: Copy field from access table to SAP cc01

is the SAP data tables linked into Access via ODBC?
are you trying to input the data into SAP using the SAP frontend app?
Forum: Modules & VBA Yesterday, 11:11 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 66
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Send Mail help

does the code stop on a line to tell you WHERE its not working?

Mine works, usage:
call Email1("bob@aol.com","Subject","Body")

Forum: Modules & VBA Yesterday, 03:15 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 60
Posted By Ranman256
Re: export to text: remove blank lines/empty rows

Make another query that uses the union query,
Remove blanks in this query.
Export this.
Forum: Forms 05-23-2018, 04:07 PM
Replies: 3
Views: 73
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Form doesn't work when I use my laptop

If different PC, you must activate macros in trust center.
Forum: Modules & VBA 05-23-2018, 10:06 AM
Replies: 7
[SOLVED] Barcode printing
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Posted By Ranman256
Re: Barcode printing

what does: " I can't read through device" mean?
the scanner cannot read the printed barcode?
Forum: Forms 05-22-2018, 10:46 PM
Replies: 7
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Posted By Ranman256
Re: Form wrap text

what controls? Textbox works great for this.
Forum: Modules & VBA 05-22-2018, 10:45 PM
Replies: 1
Views: 57
Posted By Ranman256
Re: User defined not defined

you have DIM fD As Office.FileDialog
but did you load Microsoft Office into the References?

in VBE menu, Tools, References, check: Microsoft Office x.xx Object Library
Forum: Modules & VBA 05-22-2018, 12:14 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 95
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Export multiple Queries to same Workbook Cant overwrite Content

The export does not erase the previous data.
Can you just erase the workbook, then export?
Forum: Forms 05-22-2018, 11:41 AM
Replies: 7
Views: 128
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Closing a form from a current event

Once you close the form, all code vanishes,
Open main menu, THEN close the form.
Forum: Modules & VBA 05-22-2018, 06:19 AM
Replies: 6
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Posted By Ranman256
Re: Loop a query until there are no records

For I = 1 to 24
SSql =" insert into ...[attendee_outcome" & I & "] is not null"
Docmd.runSql sSql
Forum: Queries 05-21-2018, 02:49 PM
Replies: 3
Views: 98
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Query criteria current date, minus 1, between time

You don't need 2 fields for date and time. 1 field holds both and it's better to calculate range.

But date math is done with DateAdd() and DateDiff()
Your query would be:
Between [dateFld] and...
Forum: Modules & VBA 05-21-2018, 07:20 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 90
Posted By Ranman256
Re: "Exporting" ODBC table to another database

You can just run an append query,
Or a make table query.

Same as a copy.
Forum: Modules & VBA 05-21-2018, 06:03 AM
Replies: 2
Views: 78
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Can you use Access VBA to represent logical relationships in graphical form?

I used Microsoft Visio to do this. You build a table with who is the manager of who,
name, manager
sam, bob
gale, bob
gary, sam

you can use a function or vb to build the org chart in...
Forum: Tables 05-21-2018, 05:55 AM
Replies: 8
Views: 123
Posted By Ranman256
Re: New to Access and need guidance

your table may be designed wrong. Tho I cant see your table fields, you keep expanding data horizontally by adding columns....instead expand it vertically by adding records in a subtable bound by...
Forum: Forms 05-18-2018, 10:19 AM
Replies: 10
Views: 187
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Users creating blank records when clicking new record on navigation form

then when they open that form , dont allow new records there.
in the form design, turn off ALLOW ADDITIONS
Forum: Modules & VBA 05-18-2018, 09:02 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 120
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Merging 2 PDF files using WIN2PDF

It has to be in the REFERENCES, in VBE.
I don't know what it's called.
Forum: Modules & VBA 05-18-2018, 07:55 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 120
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Merging 2 PDF files using WIN2PDF

youd make code to control Win2Pdf, then run the append function, then save.

Since I do not have that app, it would look something like:

you would add the WIN2PDF object to VBE using :
Forum: Modules & VBA 05-17-2018, 07:44 AM
Replies: 9
Views: 167
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Can I set the Windows default printer using VBA?

the code alters printer settings

sub btnPrintDocs()
dim ptr1

ptr1 = GetDefaultPrinter () 'save old printer
setDefaultPrinter "Printer2" 'set new printer
Forum: Modules & VBA 05-16-2018, 01:34 PM
Replies: 33
Views: 622
Posted By Ranman256
Re: strSQL in DLookup

No need....the Dlookup IS an SQL.
Either use a table or a query. (Not SQL)
Forum: Introduce Yourself 05-16-2018, 04:07 AM
Replies: 2
Views: 106
Posted By Ranman256
Re: developer extension

can you just press Alt-F11?
Forum: General 05-16-2018, 04:03 AM
Replies: 40
Views: 1,431
Posted By Ranman256
Forum: Theory and practice of database design 05-15-2018, 03:43 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 262
Posted By Ranman256
Re: MMORPG Inventory/Sales Tracking Tool

the zip file does not open....invalid.
Forum: General 05-11-2018, 05:54 AM
Replies: 5
Views: 1,022
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Print to PDF Not Working

have you tried:
docmd.OutputTo acOutputReport ,"rMyReport",acformatpdf,"c:\temp\MyReport.pdf"
Forum: Forms 05-10-2018, 07:26 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 115
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Getting original value of text field when data entry undone with escape

changing data is live, if the undo cant reset to the original value, then it is lost.
unless you want to restore that 1 record from a backup.
And the backups would have to be very often.
Forum: Reports 05-09-2018, 01:32 PM
Replies: 2
Views: 144
Posted By Ranman256
Re: Subreport Wizard not opening

Is the control wizard on?
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