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Re: match whole word in vba

in case anyone needs it, here's amazing code written by HansUp at StackOverflow

Public Function RegExpReplaceWord(ByVal strSource As String, ByVal strFind As String, ByVal strReplace As String) As String
' Purpose   : replace [strFind] with [strReplace] in [strSource] '
' Comment   : [strFind] can be plain text or a regexp pattern; '
'             all occurences of [strFind] are replaced '
    'requires reference to Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions '
    'Dim re As RegExp '
    'Set re = New RegExp '
    'late binding; no reference needed '
    Dim re As Object
    Set re = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")

    re.Global = True
    re.IgnoreCase = True ' <-- case insensitve
    re.Pattern = "\b" & strFind & "\b"
    RegExpReplaceWord = re.Replace(strSource, strReplace)
    Set re = Nothing

End Function
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